Fun Stuff

We at Book Express believe that we are in the business of changing lives for the better, and at the same time one should enjoy the experience. This is evidenced by our “Happy Service Bell” in our store and the ongoing compliments we receive from our customers.


Mentorship Programme

This programme which has been running for ten years now, has seen a number of our mentees go on to qualify as CAs (SA), CGMAs, Commerce, Law, Teaching and Finance graduates. Many of our mentees have even gone on to bigger things in the business world and regularly keep in touch with us. For more information on this programme, please come to our store and speak to Shereen or Riaz.

Prolong the Life of a Book – The Old Book Programme

The Book Express OBP which we started a few years ago, has proven to be very successful. In terms of the OBP, we collect old books and, where practical, pass these books onto community libraries or set aside on a shelf where customers can choose from a range of books. All that is required is that they donate whatever they are able to and the funds so raised are passed on to Feedy Needy, an NGO whom we support to purchase wheelchairs for orphans.

Books that are outdated or unusable are sent off to be pulped as part of the Book Express recycling programme.



Periodic Draws/Prizes

All purchases with Book Express qualify for our biannual draws where you can win a range of prizes from electronic goods to fridges. All that is required for in-store purchases is to insert your contact details at the back of the till slip and hand it in (you will be given a separate till slip for your records). All online purchases automatically go in for the draw

Winner of the prestigious 702 small business awards

Book Express is the only bookstore to ever win this prestigious award, which is one where your customers nominate you for service excellence – a far better measure of customer service than any industry award can provide. Winning this award provided us with an opportunity to showcase what BOOK EXPRESS is all about to our loyal customers as well as the broader market.